ABELESTAR company was founded in 2011. Sphere of activity - production of steel structures: conveyors, hoppers, chimneys, beams, connections, stairs, fence elements, billboards, and other various structures of  black and stainless steel. We execute orders for agriculture, woodworking plants and recycling, construction, engineering, etc.

  We provide favourable conditions of the orders and our product quality is at the highest level in a short time due to our qualified staff.

We have:
   - Production area over 1000 m2 
   - 2x10 tons crane (hook height of 11 m)  
   - Welding equipment
   - Drilling equipment
   - Bending equipment 
   - Guillotine 
   - Roll bending machine 
   - Bandsaw with cutting possibility up to 510 x 345 mm
   - Height of the gates of the studio - 5.8 m, width - 5 , 2 m

We welcome to cooperate construction and other organizations and enterprises